Kayaking and rafting in Bovec

Bovec is one of the most popular spots for tourists that are spending their vacation days in the Soca valley. It’s very well suited for all kinds of activities, and it offers a wide range of other options for accommodation and dining. But the main attraction are definitely the activities that are done on the Soca river. Among those, two stand out especially – rafting and kayaking. Both are ideal for all kinds of visitors, even for complete beginners.

Bovec rafting is in general one of the most popular choices of the tourists around here. It’s a fun and thrilling activity. The unique thing about rafting is the social component, as this activity is usually done in larger groups. Bovec rafting offers a wide range of options to choose from, so you can tailor your experience according to your own wishes. With the help of local tourist agencies, it’s very easy to find suitable guided courses or even rent a raft. In every case, Bovec rafting is one of the most attractive options for any visitor.

If you prefer a kayak, Bovec is just as good a starting point. You will find a lot of options at the local tourist agencies. Even more, in a way. For kayak, Bovec offers a wide variety of different experiences. There are guided tours, of course, that will ensure a great experience four tourists and beginners. The more experienced kayakers can count on equipment rental, transportation, and other services. Complete beginners have the option to start with a kayaking school. In every case, there is a way into a kayak Bovec will make sure everyone has an ideal option to explore the river, no matter what their skills are. Whether you prefer kayaking or rafting, there will always be attractive options.