All-inclusive offers of tourist agencies in Bovec

If you visit Bovec, you will find it hard to miss all the travel agencies that are attracting thrill-seeking visitors in the summer months. It’s not just a facade, the offer is really engaging and convincing in its promises of great experiences. Tourist agencies have a wide range of all-inclusive adventures to choose from!

Rafting and kayaking

There are two particularly popular activities in Bovec, rafting and kayaking. Both are great ways to discover the river and the valley surrounding it, while also challenging and entertaining the adventurers. All kinds of offers can be found in Bovec; Rafting is especially suitable for families and groups, so the offer mostly consists of guided group tours, while kayaking is often done solo or in smaller groups. But there are many parameters that can be tailored to provide the best experience for everyone visiting Bovec. Rafting and kayaking are both available in all-inclusive offers with all transportation and equipment included.


For canyoning, Slovenia is a perfect destination. The Soca valley is well known for its attractive canyons and Bovec is a particularly good choice for its all-inclusive guided canyoning offer . Slovenia has other spots for this activity, but you won’t find the perfect combination of attractive canyons and experienced travel agencies anywhere else. Bovec is located on the banks of the Soca River, which does not offer suitable canyons in this part. But there are several tributaries that offer perfect conditions for canyoning. Sloveniais a popular destination for both beginners and experienced adventurers seeking new challenges in canyoning – the all-inclusive offer of travel agencies in Bovec is perfect for all of them! Canyoning offers professional guidance, transportation, and equipment, but you will have some work to do in the canyon if you want to pass all the obstacles waiting for you!