Kanyoning in the Soca valley

The Soca valley is a popular destination among the tourists, most of them are seeking the exhilarating activities on the river itself, such as Soca rafting. Slovenia offers other rivers and valleys, but only the Soca river can provide everything you need for different adrenaline activities. Not only Soca rafting, Slovenia is attractive with the offer of various other activities, for example kanyoning. 

While the river itself is to wide and doesn’t present interesting obstacles needed for kanyoning, the valley is suitably shaped and hosts a couple of tributaries with perfect narrow canyons. With suitable surroundings around the town of Bovec, kanyoning is convenient and well developed. There are several options to choose from, varying in length and difficulty. If you’re in Bovec, kanyoning will include some transportation to the ideal starting place. The tourist agencies select the most attractive canyons that are situated outside of the town’s immediate surroundings, but the ride is short and can be used for an introduction. Also, the environment is beautiful, even from the road you can admire kayaking and Soca rafting, Slovenia offers an all-around great experience in this part. 

The real fun starts at the entry into the canyon. Bovec kanyoning covers canyons of different difficulties, so the experiences vary. But be prepared for some work, even the easiest canyons demand some climbing, include steep drops, and all kinds of other techniques for navigating the length of the canyon. The more difficult tours can last for hours and demand a lot of skill and courage, there are even 7-8-hour lasting expeditions that will really test your perseverance. You will be rewarded by a great experience of overcoming the different obstacles and witnessing the breath-taking scenes of the narrow canyons in the middle of unspoiled nature.