The best use of your time in Bovec

Every summer, Bovec becomes one of the most popular towns in Slovenia. Of course, it cannot compete with giants like Ljubljana and Bled, and there’s probably more visitors on the coast that in the Soca River valley, but per capita, Bovec has to be one of the most visited places in Slovenia in the summer months. Why? Because there are several very attractive activities on offer, and the potential of even more fun with all kinds of adventures the nature and locals can offer.

Start with the popular activities

So, what to do in Bovec? Rafting definitely tops the list, as it is consistently one of the most sought-after activities in this part of the country. Many tourists and locals alike ask about guided tours and other offer that can be found In Bovec, rafting is always in fashion and will not disappoint. One of the advantages is also the variety – there are many tourism providers and sports agencies in Bovec, rafting is mostly included in their offer and they create the best possible tours and other guided adventures in a raft.

There are alternatives, of course. Think about kayak – Bovec is perfectly suited for that as well! With the combination of attractive tourist offer and great potential of the nearby river Soca, there are a lot of options for the lovers of kayak, Bovec becomes a popular starting point in the summer. Actually, it becomes a kind of an operating base for kayak, Bovec also offers great options in terms of accommodation and dining, with all kinds of other fun activities inviting visitors to this part of the country.

It’s not hard to use your time to the fullest in Bovec, a bigger problem will be leaving out some activities because you have to go home eventually!