Tourist offer in Bovec, Slovenia

Bovec is situated on the riverbanks of the Soca River, which is the perfect place to be if you’re interested in adrenaline activities on water. Adventurers will find a booming tourist offer in this part of the country, especially among the various activities and experiences.

For canyoning, Bovec, Slovenija, is especially suitable. It’s the perfect starting point. Canyoning is not done on the Soca River, but in the canyons of its tributaries instead. Those are still close by, so there’s no lack of offer for canyoning. Bovec, Slovenija, is situated in the upper part of the Soca River valley, which has several streams that carved narrow canyons perpendicular to the valley. Those offer great natural obstacle courses for adventurers that want to explore the nature on their own feet. Of course, canyoning consists of various activities, including swimming, jumping, sliding, and climbing. So it is important to choose the best guide for canyoning, Bovec, Slovenija offers just that.

What else is there to do on the Soca River, Slovenia? Kayaking is one of the possibilities. It’s one of the most popular choices, along with rafting. Soca River, Slovenia, kayaking is a great experience both for beginners and professionals. There are courses set for competitive kayaking, while Bovec offers a wide variety of services to make this activity attractive to beginners as well. There’s a kayak school and complete package offers, as well as equipment rentals and transport. And that’s of course still not everything that can be done on the Soca River, Slovenia. Kayaking is joined by rafting, which is extremely popular. Bovec also offers hydrospeed, which rounds up the offer of water-based activities.

There’s so much more to be done on the riverbanks, in the surrounding mountains and even in the skies above Bovec!