What to do in Bovec, Slovenia?

Bovec is the best place to be if you’re into adrenaline activities of all kinds. It’s not just the basic stuff, either – you have a really vide selection of possibilities, topped off with great culinary offer and available accommodation. Perfect for a nice trip or even a longer stay to really try all the options.

If you’re new, you better start with rafting on Soca River. Not only is this a perfect choice for beginners, it already offers much of the allure of other adrenaline activities in the valley. For starters, rafting on Soca River guides you along the emerald river in the heart of an astonishing valley, full of natural wonders. You don’t even have to do anything – there are programs that are perfectly suited to those wanting to simply enjoy the nature. On the other hand, rafting on Soca River offers white-water rapids as well!

Or maybe widen your horizon a bit with canyoning. Bovec, Slovenia, is the perfect spot for that. Widening of your horizon is purely figurative, as you will descend into narrow gorges and canyons of various waterways that offers for canyoning Bovec, Slovenia. Don’t worry, the whole adventure is fun and exhilarating, but not dangerous or unpleasant – experienced guides see to that. In general is for canyoning Bovec, Slovenia, a very well suited destination. The offer is varied and beginner friendly, but there are definitely some serious challenges in the mix as well.

Along with a myriad of adrenaline activities, there are other things to do in Bovec, if you’re seeking a bit more relaxed stay. Go hiking or cycling in nature, maybe stop for some traditional Slovenian cuisine, enjoy the vibe of small alpine towns and villages, and take advantage of a fresh mountain air to escape the summer heat!