Soca River Investigation

Soca river is one of Slovenia’s most notorious rivers, famous for its incredible, almost unrealistic beauty but also the dangerous ice-cold temperatures and the alarming river rapids, which have taken lives before. It is an interesting place, full of life and charm, inviting all sorts of admirers to come and see what it has to offer but also causing fear and respect in its visitors. So, if you thoroughly investigate the memorable Soca river, what kind of treasures will you be able to find there?

A River Full of People

A surprising fact is that, if you travel through the remarkable river, you are most likely to come upon other people, more so than other animals. Rafting Soca, paddling in a Soca river kayak or swimming in the river are all activities that are performed on the river, so people are always present. The odds of you seeing a person in a Soca river kayak or a group of people that are having fun during rafting Soca are thus rather high while trying to see an animal might be a different story.

Interesting Flora and Fauna

If you move away from people who are paddling around in a Soca river kayak or splashing the water during rafting Soca and are frightening all of the fish and other animals, you might get a chance to observe the beautiful wildlife of the river. The one that stands out most is, surely, the famous Soča trout, but we can also spot different kinds of birds and mammals, many of them endangered or protected. As far as the flora of the river is concerned, Soca has a lot to offer. It is surrounded by beautiful nature, green forests and green fields, which are enhancing its beauty, even to a greater extent.